Black Keys, Broken Social Scene draw huge crowds to LA's Sunset Junction

Rousing sets by The Black Keys, !!! and Broken Social Scene were the main attractions at Sunset Junction Street Fair, held in the Silver Lake neighbourhood of Los Angeles this weekend (August 23 and 24). - Source

Black Keys to headline LA's Sunset Junction

The Black Keys, Broken Social Scene, Cold War Kids and !!! are among the bands that will headline this year's Sunset Junction Festival in the Silver Lake neighbourhood of Los Angeles. - Source

!!!, DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist, MSTRKRFT Do Camp Bisco

Still, we like certain hairy folks with penchants for stretchin' it out-- yes, I'm looking at you, Martsch-- around these parts, and buried amidst all the bands named for chemical compounds and various doobage innuendo at 2008's Camp Bisco are some fine, fine music makers even the notoriously sober indie rock set can dig on. - Source

!!! plot US summer tour

!!! have announced the dates of a North American tour this summer. - Source