Reverb Deluxe!

Debsey Wykes and Paul Kelly (the couple collectively known as Birdie) just released a collection of b-sides and rarities on the German label Apricot Records. It will be available on cd or limited-edition, hand-numbered, colored vinyl. According to Apricot it's "it's a collection of warm and tender moments - songs you can put on in the middle of the night, a soundtrack for stepping outside to watch the stars."


You can get your copy at


Morrissey isn't the only one missing a record label these days... more from Paul Kelly of Birdie on their latest release, "Triple Echo":  "The record will be released in the U.K. on October 22nd, this version differs slightly from the Japanese version, a couple of changed songs and alternative cover etc. but we don't have a U.S. version planned. Kindercore didn't want to release it and Minty Fresh who had expressed an interest in putting out the album in the end decided to turn it down also! You could try or or even perhaps Apricot Records in Germany who are also issuing a version. We are going to revamp the site in time for 22nd Oct and so by then we should have far more buying information. "