A Bis Nation in Mourning

Well, Valentine's Day DID bring one bit of bad news: Bis are to split, following some farewell shows and a final single. A brief message on the band's website tells the usual tale of a band that's run its course, that wants to diversify, and whose members hope to all remain in music. While kind of a bummer, you've got to respect that they stayed together THIS long, as most critics predicted they wouldn't make it past one album.

Bis Record Powerpuff Girls Theme

BIS have recorded the theme song for the Cartoon Network's new series, The Powerpuff Girls. Featuring a trio of kindergarten-aged superheroes, the new series combines stylish design, techno background music, and truly demented plotlines. While nominally a children's show, the series includes subtle adult humor as well. The Powerfull Girls debut November 18 on the Cartoon Network. Bis' latest U.S. release, the "Intendo" mini-lp, is available now, and the band is working on a full scale album for 1998, tentatively tiled "Social Dancing".