Breeders Offer EP, Obama-Inspired Art, Rollerderby Video

When the Breeders play (and curate) All Tomorrow's Parties UK in May, they'll have new material: The Deal sisters have "discovered the treble knob" on their forthcoming four-song Fate To Fatal EP, which follows 2008's Mountain Battles. From its genesis, to the title track's roller derby-themed video, and the EP's Obama-themed album art, and the fact that the Deals are going to release it sans a label, there's plenty to get caught up on. Kim Deal sorts it out for us. Including the Bob Marley cover.Continue reading Breeders Offer EP, Obama-Inspired Art, Rollerderby Video... - Source

The Breeders Divulge New Video

Enjoy 'Walk It Off' below. Download a fabulous Breeders tune at bottom of post.MP3: The Breeders - Bang On - Source

The Breeders, Mountain Battles

You can't help wondering what kind of blistering gems this lot could have produced if they really let rip in the studio. - Source

Kim Deal: "You Know, Malkmus Is Being A Bit Of A Bitch..."

'90s alt-rock fight! As prematurely mentioned, we dig the new Breeders album, Mountain Battles. We also like aspects of Real Emotional Trash, though we still say it runs on (and on). Which is sorta what Kim Deal's saying about the mouth of our favorite late-night Fox News Channel guest in the new issue of Time Out. It starts with this question from the interviewer:

TONY: Did the success of that song ["Cannonball'] cause any jealousy among your indie-rock peers? - Source

Premature Evaluation: The Breeders - Mountain Battles

We've already given a few hints about our feelings for Mountain Battles, the Breeders' first album since Title TK. In case you missed it before: We're basically blown away that Kim and Kelly sound so fresh after -- relatively speaking -- so long. Mountain Battles was recorded over a number of years, across locales, and with different producers (Steve Albini, Erika Larson, Manny Nieto), and languages (German, English, Spanish), but it impressively sounds cohesive and whole. We like some songs less or more than others, but there're no duds. Basically, the Deal sisters, along with Title TK players drummer Jose Medeles and bassist Mando Lopez. have returned to form to school any number of indistinguishable indie upstarts. Listen up indistinguishable indie upstarts. - Source

New Breeders - "Bang On"

You'll have to wait for us to evaluate it prematurely, but for now let's say Mountain Battles, the Breeders' fourth album and first since 2002, is totally worth the wait. And how. We all got a taste with "We're Gonna Rise" a ways back, but it didn't stay up at MySpace forever. No worries. Take a listen now to "Bang On," Mountain's second track -- it comes after the lift-off of opener "Overglazed," shifting that tune's upward arc, rattling out a noodling, clapped, percussive romper room/jump rope chant: "I love no one / and no one loves me / I missing, I'm missing," etc. Albini produced, but it's stripped so bare, you might have a hard time believing it. But then listen a bit more closely to the depth of what's been captured. And then think of the Breeders back catalog. And now listen. - Source

Death Cab, Decemberists, Breeders Hit Oregon

It's not a festival per se, as it's got no fancy name to call its own (well, okay, at least part of it is the "Wells Fargo Concert Seriesamp", but that's not really a festival, and is definitely not a stellar name), and there's no particular financial incentive to not pick and choose which days you'd like to attend and which you'd rather sit out. - Source

The Breeders Announce Mountain of New Dates

When it comes to getting reacquainted, the beginning is the hardest part. And since the Breeders announced their first tour in, like, forever almost a month ago, it's nothing for Kim Deal and co. to keep adding shows, which is just what they've done. - Source

New Breeders Material

Sonicnet is reporting that THE BREEDERS are set to release their first new recording in several years. The song, entitled "Collage" will appear on the Mod Squad soundtrack, which is set to be released on March 23rd.