culture club

Boy George Jailed For 15 Months

The former Culture Club singer has been sent down for "imprisoning a male escort". - Source

Boy George to tour US for first time in a decade

Boy George has announced a tour of the US and Canada which will see him perform all across the continent for the first time in ten years. - Source

Giant Disco Ball Attacks Boy George!

In perhaps a story funnier than Europe's "The Final C*ntdown" tale of earlier this month, BOY GEORGE was nearly killed last night... by a GIANT DISCO BALL! The massive 60-pound ball, obviously pushed to the brink of murder-suicide by the horrid reviews of the new CULTURE CLUB record, fell from the ceiling at Bournemouth International Centre as George was soundchecking for a show. The ball missed George's head by mere inches, instead connecting with his shoulder and sending the flamboyant entertainer to the floor.


Summer Tours

Summer Tours Preview, Part One: The summer and fall of 1998 will feature several bands and artists from the early MTV-era slogging about the U.S. for one more hurrah. Perhaps the biggest of the package tours features Culture Club , The Human League , and Howard Jones . Check out our tours page which should have the complete schedule for this tour within the next few days. Snyth pioneer Gary Numan , former teen-heart-throb John Taylor , and those happy-go-lucky lads from Kraftwork will also be touring the U.S. this summer, to say nothing of the seemingly endless Gene Loves Jezebel comeback tour. Can Xymox be far behind? The fall could feature some high-profile 80's standouts returning to U.S. shores, with both Depeche Mode and a New Order reunion tour possible.