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Adam Schlesinger To Write For The Colbert Report

No, not as a joke writer. But Adam Schlesinger does continue to write awesome songs for fun things. Adding to his resume as Oscar, Golden Globe, Tony, and of course Grammy nominated songwriter, the Fountains Of Wayne singer-guitarist revealed to Paste he will pen tunes for The Colbert Report's Christmas Special. This is great news because Adam's songs got it going on ("Stacy's Mom" reference) and also because there will be a Colbert Report Christmas Special. More on why Adam wins at film and TV songwriting: this. (via Whit) - Source

Fountains of Wayne guitarist for solo career

Fountains of Wayne guitarist Jody Porter is gearing up for the release of his very first solo record, set to be released next month. - Source

Inland Invasion 3

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Hyundai Pavilion, San Bernardino, CA
September 20, 2003

The Hyundai (formerly Blockbuster) Pavilion is the probably the worst place to see a concert.... unless you're in the first ten rows. If you're in the lawn (like most people) then just forget about it. You might as well be watching it on TV because you're going to be spending the whole day staring at the jumbo-screens. Today's lineup is pretty impressive and it's the first time that I ever heard of the "nation's largest amphitheater" selling out.


Fountains of Wayne Dropped

The critically acclaimed FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE have reportedly been dropped by Atlantic Records. However, the band is apparently confident that they will be able to find an outlet when they are ready to release new material. In the meantime, a new IVY record is said to be on the horizon. Thanks to the Fountains of Wayne mailing list for the tip.