Gene get together for secret gig

Kev Miles reported that Gene met up on Wednesday, January 16th, at the 100 Club in London for a secret party for their old manager's 50th birthday. The band played 'Be My Light', 'For the Dead', 'Where are they now?', 'London, Can You Wait?', and 'Olympian'. Though he stresses that it isn't a reunion of any kind. It was just them doing something special for our old friend.  Source

Sleep Well Tonight

They've been quiet as of late, so it shouldn't be too shocking but GENE have thrown in the towel. Martin Rossiter confirmed tonight in the UK (um, that's today here) to Olympians Online that there will be no more new material, and no more shows... well except for the single they'll be releasing next Monday apty titled, "Let Me Move On" and the 3 farewell shows they have planned for the UK. Gene released a DVD today in the UK featuring a live show recorded earlier this year in Sheffield. The disc also features interviews, a scrapbook and more.

Gene to Record a Live DVD

It's being reported today that GENE's live shows in the States next month are to be recorded for the band's first live album. CDNow is reporting that the album, tentatively titled "Rising Before Sunset," will also coincide with a concert DVD culled from the same shows.

Gene and TCS Tour Updates

Well, as you can see by the date of our last news post, Excellent Online has been on a bit of holiday this month (primarily due to the absolute and total lack of anything newsworthy to report on.) However, that's about to change. We've got word of TWO very exclusive one-off concerts... First off, GENE have announced a one-off American gig on June 1 at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. The band currently have NO American record label, but the exclusive US show should provide the band a showcase to highlight new tracks from their forthcoming fourth studio record.


Embrace And Gene May Lose US Record Deal

Here's another one off the rumour mill: we've been hearing insider whispers that the next UK bands shortlisted to lose their record deals in the States are EMBRACE (who were planning a US tour in '99,) and GENE (who are readying their next album now.) Again, these are just rumours, but you might want to secure those importer connections now.