george harrison

George Harrison - 1943-2001

hare rama hare rama
rama rama hare hare
hare krishna hare krishna
krishna krishna hare hare

shankaracharya shankaracharya
shankaracharya pahiman
bhagvatpada bhagvatpada
bhagvatpada rakshaman

sadgurudeva sadgurudeva
sadgurudeva pahiman
shivananda shivananda
shivananda rakshaman

sadgurudeva sadgurudeva
sadgurudeva namaha Om
shivananda shivananda
shivananda sharana Om

Om tat sat Om tat sat Om tat sat Om
Om shanti Om shanti Om shanti Om
Om rama rama rama rama rama


Happy New Year, George Harrison Stabbed!

Happy new year to all Excellentians out there... keep watching soon for our 1999 recap, including year-end columns from Shane and Dean, as well as the hotly anticipated Excellent 1999 Poll results.


George Harrison Stabbed

GEORGE HARRISON is in stable condition this morning at a UK hospital following an overnight stabbing at his home. The intruder stabbed the ex-Beatle in the chest before being subdued by both Harrison and his wife, who also suffered minor injuries in the attack. It's not clear at this time whether it was simply a botched burglary or a crazed fan. Great way to kick off a new Millennium...