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Iron & Wine Perform A New Song (And A New Order Song) For Jimmy Fallon

Iron & Wine's Around The Well collection came out yesterday, but instead of playing something from it on Fallon, Sam Beam, his sister Sarah, and pianist did a new track, "Godless Brother In Love." It has the same sort of pathos as the recently unearthed "Homeward These Shoes," but instead of disappearing after a minute, it builds into something bigger. (It's interesting seeing the mellow, spacious song bookmarked by Fallon, someone seemingly afraid of silence.) Sticking to the "love" theme (and digging into the Around The Well track list), they also tackled New Order's "Love Vigilantes" during rehearsals.Continue reading Iron & Wine Perform A New Song (And A New Order Song) For Jimmy Fallon... - Source

Iron & Wine to Tour U.S. With Califone

Following a one-off gig in Wheaton, Illinois this month (a solo set) and a brief trek Down Under in March, Sam Beam's Iron amp;amp; Wine will hit the road across the U.S. for a spell. He'll be joined for the second time in a while by his chums in Califone, making this truly the most beards and vests you're likely to see on a single stage this spring. Man, is that a funny line. - Source