Do Not Be Afraid of Koala

KoalaCongratulations are in order for friends-of-excellent KOALA. After being the first to offer their tunes for our various compilations many years in a row this UK foursome have released their debut cd this week on Co-Pop Records. They've created a fabulous mini-site for the new record, Do Not Be Afraid where you can hear sample tracks, view specifics on the artwork, watch videos, find out where to buy the record and more.

I'm not exactly a non-biased reviewer... so best to point you towards some of their positive press:

"Koala demonstrate so many different sides to them; the political, glam, sensitive, subtle, violent, and all the songs are well written and intelligent, sometimes even satirical. This one is really worth a listen: and make sure you don't just jump around but listen to the words too. 9/10" - Scan Music

"it's yobbish beach boys harmonies and inspired bubble gum-dumb 'blockbuster' choruses' make it worth checking out. it's like a mixture of slade, silver sun, super furries, sweet and flaming lips." - Rough Trade


We Told You So - Koala Discovered by Peel

It's about damn time.


Koala Wants You!

Not so much a news item but a plea to help one of our favorite unsigned bands. If you don't know who KOALA are, you should head over to their website to find out more. That said, Koala need our help! The band DODGY (hey, remember them?) are gearing up for their upcoming comeback gig at the London Astoria. Dodgy are holding a contest via their website to pick an opening band for the gig... and Koala have been selected as a finalist! This high-profile gig could easily result in a record deal and much needed publicity for Koala.