Download - Ladytron "Black Cat"

As previously reported, Ladytron's Velocifero is getting a release date of June 3 via Nettwerk. For the release they worked with Vicarious Bliss of Ed Banger Records fame. The guys are also planning on hitting up our shores - Source

Ladytron - Live

Ladytron in Boston - Pain in Monotone

Since Ladytron are one of the shapers of the "electroclash" sound, and they are also one of the best (mostly because of their love of a thing called "melody"), I surely forgave them for playing up all the electroclash cliches on "Light & Magic" as they still brought the melodies.


Ladytron vs North America

LADYTRON seem ready for world conquest as they are about to take the United States by storm in February. During their first ever US tour by the entire band, fans should be ready to hear plenty of material from Light & Magic & 604. Tickets are going fast as Light & Magic received rave reviews the world over, including Rolling Stone's top 50 records of the 2002.


New Ladytron Album Drops Today!

In a month that sees very few new releases, one of the brightest glimmers in September has got to be the new LADYTRON full-length, "Light & Magic," in stores today. The fine folks at Emperor Norton are giving a sneak peek of the album - listen to it by clicking HERE.

Ladytron - Light & Magic

(Emperor Norton - US Release 19 Sept. 02)

I'm drawn to music that sounds like I could do it myself, with the help of a techno-geek friend and some software. There is something very hands on, totally accomplishable within the new Ladytron album, 'Light & Magic'. Yet the talent and skill needed to create such an overall diverse and consistently refreshing album are definitely not easily recreated by just anyone with a mac. There's more to this album than Ladytron boasted with their 2000 release '604.' The sounds are similar, yet the band has taken it to a higher plane.