Tour Tip for May

I have not one but two bands on the MUST SEE list for May... The Lucksmiths and The Changes. The first... Australia's LUCKSMITHS are on what is gossiped to be their last US tour (for awhile... oh a long while) after just releasing a brand new record, Warmer Corners, on US indie label Matinee Recordings (click the link for sound samples). They've been quickly gathering positive reviews from Pitchfork and the like for their constantly expanding emotional depth and are an absolute pleasure to experience first hand.

The other band, THE CHANGES, you might not have heard of yet but mark my words these guys have what it takes. Hailing from my home town of Chicago they have been quickly building momentum and are (as of today) the only unsigned band that will be gracing the stage of Lollapalooza. I wouldn't expect their unsigned status to last for long as recorded and onstage they are already proving themselves a shoe in for next-big-thing. (Psst... If you see them... be sure to pick up the limited edition EP they're carrying with them. It's priceless.)

The Smiths Rise Again

Ok... the Smiths haven't actually been resurrected, but their material has. Matinee Recordings has asked the artists on their roster to "take a stab at a Smiths cover"... and are releasing the material to honor the 20th anniversary of the band. Included on the new compilation, "Romantic and Square is Hip and Aware", are The Lucksmiths, Would-Be-Goods, Pines, The Liberty Ship and more. The album will be available late in December via Matinee Mailorder or in January in record shops.


PopKIDS vs. The Lucksmiths/From Bubblegum To Sky

These kids are addictive... so we're offering a fix that's a few months old.
The Lucksmiths - "T-Shirt Weather"
4th Graders on what exactly *is* T-Shirt Weather?


Abigail: Oh, this is happy.
Arelis: It's a man.
Carlos: Ha ha! Miss Allen, this is your favorite song!
Ms Allen: What do you mean?
Carlos: Wait, wait--go back. (song is skimmed through) Ok, ok... right there! Teacher!
Ms Allen: Teacher? (pause) Oh! Actually, it's "T-shirt Weather."
Carlos: (glumly)Well, I think it says 'teacher'.
Devan: What is t-shirt weather?
Arelis: Don't even ask me cause I don't KNOW.
Oscar: Miss Allen, what is t-shirt weather?
Ms Allen: It's really what _you_ think it is. You decide.
Abigail: I think it's like... when you buy a new shirt and you want to wear it and show it to your friends.
Arelis: You're just saying that because YOU have a new shirt.
Oscar: I think it's, um, how some places you can not go in unless you got a shirt. Like Friend's Pizza on 7th Ave.
Carlos: No, it's about diapers! Ha hahahahahahaha!
Arelis: (apologetically) Don't even worry about him, Miss Allen, cause he has always been like this since kindergarden and I know because he was in the same kindergarten as me and he was ALWAYS in trouble with the teacher.
Carlos: I am the genius of the world!

From Bubblegum To Sky - "Hello Hello Hi"

Juan: Is This Shakira?
Ms Allen: No.
Lisette: I think it IS Shakira cause I think I have this song at my house.
Ms Allen: This is a man singing.
All: WHAT?!
Dalia: I never heard a man like this.
Ms Allen: See, right here, his name is Mario Hernandez.
Juan: He's Puerto Rican! WOOHOOO!
Ms Allen: I think he's Japanese and Philipino.
Juan: Aww.
Lisette: Phil-lip-pee-no?!
Ms Allen: From the country The Philipines.
Dalia: What is that, like France or something?
Ms Allen: It's in Asia.
Lisette: "France?" Haha!
Dalia: Shut up, Lisette, you didn't know either!
Juan: Does he like sushi?
Ms Allen: I don't know.
Juan: Does he like Chinese food?
Ms Allen: I don't know.
Juan: I like lo mein.
Ms Allen: Do you like the song?
Juan: It's ok.
Dalia: I like it.
Lisette: No, it reminds me of how I always have to go to church.