Mogwai 'Nearly Done' With New LP

The band shares the following message on their official site: *Good day. We are almost finished mixing our howling hawk of a new record and we're so pleased with it that we might never release it and instead just put it on our own iPod shuffles and walk the streets of Glasgow, never speaking, Syd Barrett style forever. It's got it all, dreamy ballads about forbidden love gone awry, one minute pointless instrumentals and even some spoken word about the future of the music industry in India!* - Source

Start the Starsailor Bashing

NME is reporting that Mogwai and Ash have started to bash Starsailor for their success in England. Stuart Braithwaite from Mogwai said that Walsh would "rape his own granny" to achieve fame. Starsailor's next single, "Alcoholic", is out on September 17th and their album, "Love Is Here", will be out on October 8th. The full tracklisting is inside.


Mogwai Comes Back to the US

MOGWAI are returning to the US for one New York show this Monday. They were just signed to Matador Records who will release their album, "Come On, Die Young" on April 6th. According to the Matador website, this will be the last US show for Mogwai until their tour this fall.

Mogwai's Album Title

MOGWAI return with a new album in March, entitled "Come On, Die Young". When we have an exact release date, we'll let you know.