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Exclusive: Talking Stopped The Music From Splitting

In an exclusive interview, The Music have told Xfm how learning to talk with each other prevented The Music from splitting up. - Source

The Music Debuts New Video

Enjoy 'Strength In Numbers' below. Visit The Music at their official site. MP3 at bottom. - Source

Exclusive: The Music On New Single

Ahead of the world's first play of The Music's 'Strength In Numbers' on Music:Response, lead singer Robert Harvey spoke exclusively to Xfm about how life has changed for the band and what inspired the new single. - Source

Music/Kasabian - Los Angeles, CA - 03/12/05

Henry Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
March 12, 2005

Around 1 P.M. a friend calls me to tell me that the doors for tonight's show open at 6pm with a sharp curfew at 9:30 P.M. It's a Saturday night, so they must have another club or something opening after the concert tonight. But it also means that if the show starts late, someone is getting cut off.


'The Music' Album For Only Seven Bucks

Torr Leonard mentioned that The Music's self-titled debut album will be released in the US on Tuesday, February 25th and will only be 7.99 at Tower Records. Steve Markoff then replied and said you can pre-order it now from Best Buy for a measly 6.99! I love it when new releases are priced so damn cheap!

The Music forge into the US

Brit rocker's The Music are aiming their sights high... to the US market to be precise. If the the opening slot of the upcoming Coldplay tour wern't enough to get them noticed, they are in the midst of booking another US tour with The Vines, releasing their first album here in the states, and set up a national TV spot on March 18 with David Letterman.

Back home in the UK, they are about to release their final single, The Truth Is No Words, from their debut self-titled album. The album will have a February 25 release in the US and contain the video for Take The Long Road and Walk It as well as video footage from their recent North American tour. If you'd like a preview of The Truth Is No Words the video can be downloaded from Dotmusic.