Notwist - Live

The Notwist, Feb 12, 2004, Commodore Ballroom

In Vancouver, we generally get two types of performances from touring bands based on their marijuana tolerance. Amazing, super long and crazy sets or stunned, scared and confused sets. Some touring musicians obviously do not heed the warnings given as the joint is passed, "Dude, go easy, this is BC Hydro."

Tonight, like Richard Ashcroft and Badly Drawn Boy before them, The Notwist heeded the warnings or have incredible fortitude, because it was a lovely set.
Much of the performance covered 'Neon Golden' which is fine by me, because I'm ashamedly not familiar with their back catalog.


Notwisting in the US

German band The Notwist will be releasing their latest album 'Neon Golden' in the United States on February 25. The album will be released on the Domino USA label (who has brought us releases from band like clinic, mouse on mars, the silver jews, the pastels, gbv and more). The band is hoping to tour the US in April 2003.
Thanks to Torr for this story.