The Prodigy To Support Oasis

Legendary firestarters will be doing their scary thing at the Dublin date next year... - Source

Oasis' Noel Gallagher Assaulted On Stage In Toronto

Maybe this guys was a mistaken, ugly Radiohead fan, but what's even more surprising than this on-stage attack of Noel is that brother Liam actually stuck up for him. - Source

Video - Oasis "The Shock Of Lightning"

Last week we were treated to the "leaked" Oasis song, "Falling Down." Now the lads have released the official video for "The Shock of Lightning." The opening shot kinda reminds of of the cover art - Source

New Oasis - "Falling Down"

I love it when you guys send polite tips on Wednesday nights. "Falling Down" debuted in Chem Bros Remix form earlier in the summer. This stripped mix is the version on the forthcoming Dig Out Your Soul. I'm more familiar with Oasis's publicity feuds than I am with their catalog at this point, but it's fair to say that no one's reinventing the heathen chemistry here. And while this is not the jockin' Noel G. response track we have all been waiting for, it will give you insight into the LP7 album cover (which, along with the song, is waiting for you after the jump). - Source

Record shop on Oasis album sleeve faces closure

Sister Ray, the record shop that now occupies the store featured on the cover of Oasis' landmark 1995 album '(What's The Story) Morning Glory', is facing closure. - Source

Oasis Share Tracklisting

Before we know it, the new Oasis record, Dig Out Your Soul, will be available. Days after the news about the band's UK deal came to fruition, we got word about some of the new tunes that were produced by Dave Sardy. Not too much else - Source

Noel Gallagher Says No To Free Music

Although this shouldn't surprise a single fan out there, Oasis' very own Noel Gallagher has made it clear that his band would not be following in the footsteps of Radiohead's "tip jar" style of releasing an album online. In fact, during a recent interview with BBC6 he claimed that the whole pay what you like method - Source

Oasis to pick up lifetime achievement award today (July 4)

Oasis are set to receive a Silver Clef award in London today (July 4). - Source

Oasis Reveal New Album Details

The new album is called âEUR~Dig Out Your Soul' and will be out in October via the band's own Big Brother label. - Source

Oasis Signs Three Album Deal In The UK

The Gallagher Brothers have at least three albums left in Oasis, as the band has recently signed a new deal with SonyBMG overseas. Their very own Big Brother Recordings will partner up with SonyBMG, sharing profits from record sales on the upcoming Oasis releases - Source