Brace Yourself For 'Britpop Weakest Link'

Digital Spy reports: *Oasis and Blur have reportedly been lined up to appear in a Britpop special of The Weakest Link. The show's bosses have contacted Noel Gallagher, Liam Gallagher, Damon Albarn and Alex James to appear in the episode of the gameshow, according to the Daily Star. "If we can pull this off it would be unbelievable," commented a BBC source. "Noel admits he's a Weakest Link fan." Other stars that bosses want to have on the show include Jarvis Cocker, Elastica's Justine Frischmann, Manic Street Preachers' James Dean Bradfield & Suede's Brett Anderson.  Source

Oasis Announce U.S. Date

OASIS are set to fill the void left by the New York Knickerbocker's craptastic season and play a gig in their home court. Perhaps as a warm-up to festival season, the Gallaghers and Co. have booked a one-night gig at no less than Madison Square Garden on June 22nd. JET will help fill the stands by opening the show. The new Oasis album is due later this year.

UPDATE: Oasis and Jet have now added more shows to their quick US jaunt - Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, and Philadelphia have been confirmed on top of their gig at Madison Square. Info on our TOURS page.

Want Noel's Rolls?

American rock stars aren't the only ones prone to indulgence despite what you may have assumed by P Diddy's new HP iPod encrusted with 120 diamonds. For instance.... back when Oasis was still selling out arenas Alan McGee, former head of Creation Records, presented Noel Gallagher with a 1978 Rolls Royce Shadow 2, in fact this 1978 Rolls Royce. Yes, that is a link to eBay UK where the current owner is auctioning it off. With 8 days left the bidding is only up to £10,000... I'd expect it'll end up a lot higher. Didn't anyone tell Noel it wasn't nice to sell off presents?

In other Noel news (oh yes I'm making a BIG assumption that you actually care), he's supporting fellow Mancunian Ian Brown by showing up in his new video for 'Keep What Ya Got'. Oh the irony...

It's Official, Whitey's Out

The rumours had been flying for a couple of weeks now that drummer ALAN WHITE was on his way out of OASIS. The British tabloids have been reporting that tendonitis was going to force White out of the band. Tonight comes an answer, though not a complete one.

Alan White has been asked to leave Oasis by the other band members. There are no plans to replace Alan. The band's scheduled recording sessions remain unaffected.

This the terse message left on the band's website this morning. Sounds like maybe a little more than tendonitis at hand, eh? We'd officially like to take this moment to nudge Andy Bell to give a quick ring to Loz Colbert...

Oasis in Munchen Bust-Up!

OASIS have cancelled at least one gig following a brawl this weekend in Munchen (Munich), Germany.

Reports are still filtering in, but we've got some slightly different takes on exactly what happened.

According to a report that just came across the Reuters wire, four members of Oasis, including frontman Liam Gallagher, were arrested following a fight at the Bayerischer Hof hotel. The report says that the younger Gallagher "brawled with guests" before three other unnamed band members (NOT including guitarist Noel Gallagher) jumped into the fray. The four were arrested by police and released later in the day.


New War Child Release on the Horizon

NME has announced plans today for a new War Child charity record to follow in the footsteps of the acclaimed "Help" record of several years ago. Bands who have agreed to participate are to go into studio between now and the first week of September to lay down a cover of their choice, provided it was a former UK #1 song. The disc will be released in October to coincide with the 50th birthday of NME and the anniversary of the first UK pop music chart. Bands already confirmed to appear include: OASIS, MANIC STREET PREACHERS, STEREOPHONICS, BADLY DRAWN BOY, STARSAILOR, FEEDER, JIMMY EAT WORLD, BASEMENT JAXX, and MS. DYNAMITE, with more to be announced as the project nears completion.

Oasis Finally Appeal to Their G-G-G-G-Generation

OASIS have confirmed "Little By Little" as their next single... but the important news is that their stellar live cover of The Who's "My Generation" is to finally see the light of day as one of the new b-sides. Of course, the last time that Oasis put out a "live" cover version on a single, we found out years later that it wasn't a live treatment at all - their version of "I Am the Walrus", which claimed to be recorded live, was in fact a studio one-take that the band later added crowd noise to in order to emulate a live performance... and if memory serves, I believe they admitted that the crowd noise in question was ripped from The Who's "Live at Leeds." What goes around comes around...

Car Bang-Up Temporarily Halts Oasis US Tour

Gentlemen, STOP your engines. OASIS have scrapped their Indianapolis gig tonight as a result of a car accident in downtown Indy yesterday that sent three members of the band to hospital. Noel Gallagher, Andy Bell, and new keyboard player Jay "Hey-wasn't-I-in-Kula-Shaker" Darlington were riding in a taxi when they were hit head-on. The wreck set off airbags and locked seat belts in the cab, and all three members suffered cuts and bruises. According to the band's website, Noel has extreme facial bruising and Darlington's hand was hurt to the point that he had to return to hospital today. We'll let you know if other dates are affected. The band has been advised to rest for 48 hours, and the Indy show is promised to be rescheduled later this year.

UPDATE! (11:55 pm CST) - Philadelphia and Boston are now postponed as well. The band is hoping to pick the tour up in New York City on Sunday.

Well, What's an Oasis Tour Without a Bit o' Controversy?

OASIS are in the headlines again this morning, as Liam Gallagher pulled a disappearing act at the first gig of the band's US tour last night in Ft. Lauderdale. It seems Our Kid's voice bailed on him 4 songs into the show, and he left the stage. The rest of the band covered for him in usual fashion, with Noel strapping on an acoustic and doing an impromptu set, including "Wonderwall" (which he swore never to play again live following his divorce from Meg Matthews.) The official word is that it was the long plane trip to America that did Liam's voice in, and that he should be fine for the rest of the tour. As always, we'll keep our eye on the situation...

Oasis Tap Kula Shaker Keyboardist for Tour

According to an article in the Dallas Music Guide, OASIS have brought on former KULA SHAKER keyboardist Jay Darlington for their upcoming tour in support of the forthcoming (even though everybody's already found it on the net) album, Heathen Chemistry. According to the article, it's still unclear whether Darlington will become an official member of the group, or simply be handling keys on tour.