Oasis MP3's Are "Poor Quality"

Leslie posted a message to the list about Ignition Mangement and their statement regarding the Oasis MP3's that are currently circulating around the Internet. They claim that the files are "poor quality" and shouldn't be used to by journalists to review the album. Click on 'Read More' to see the full statement. A statement from Ignition Management 19 April, 2002


Ten Great B-sides

Cluas has a list of Ten Great B-sides. They've got some good picks in there with Oasis and Radiohead. You can also check out their list of Ten Great Hidden Album Tracks and my favorite, Ten Great Album Openers. Yeah, like 'I Wanna Be Adored' by the Stone Roses wasn't going to be on there!

Oasis Made My Ears Bleed

Music Goes On has an article about three Oasis fans who left a 1997 show with an earache. They checked into a hospital in Hanover, Germany and racked up a £3,700 medical bill. The concert organizers have decided to settle out-of-court and pay their bill.

I first saw Oasis in 1996 at the Whisky-A-Go-Go in Los Angeles and that was one of the loudest gigs I've ever seen.

More Brotherly Love Than Expected

One day into the OASIS/BLACK CROWES tour, and there's already problems. Oasis drummer Alan White is suffering from muscular problems in his hands, forcing him to miss some dates on the band's tour. His fill-in replacement is none other than his brother Steve (who routinely drums for Paul Weller.) NME is reporting that Steve is on the road with the band and ready to fill in whenever Alan's hands are in too much pain to play.


Great, Another Liam Kid

In case you haven't heard, a UK tabloid article has actually proven true: LIAM GALLAGHER has knocked up an All Saint! Liam and his girlfriend, All Saint Nic Appleton, are expecting. The child will be Liam's second. Oasis' live album, Familiar to Millions, hits stores tomorrow.

Noel and Meg Separate

Hey, who's that down at the singles bar? Why, it looks like Liam AND brother NOEL GALLAGHER, who has announced his separation from wife-about-town Meg Matthews. Maybe now they can set about making a good record for a change... (Ed. note: And make it they shall, as NME is reporting that the band want to enter the studio right away to begin work on their new album.)

Move Along, There's No Oasis News Here

Just to update on the OASIS story from last weekend, looks like The Sun was a bit wrong in their claim that the Gallaghers would be making an announcement Tuesday. Nothing was said regarding the future of the band, other than the boys taking the stage at Leeds in a solidarity stand-in before Noel remarked to the crowd, "This is not a f**king funeral!" So, hey, more zany fun to come, it seems. Maybe they'll let Andy write a song or two...

The Oasis News Is: There Will Be Oasis News

It could be the moment of truth for OASIS. Take this with as many grains of salt as you normally would for a news item taken straight from The Sun, but according to the Brit tabloid, Noel Gallagher will be making "an announcement" on Tuesday. Is the band done? Is Robbie going down? Is the Damon duet on? How will we sleep this weekend????? Of course, we'll keep you updated as things happen - and keep in mind that Oasis are playing Reading this very weekend.

The End of Oasis? One Can Only Hope

Can't those pesky OASIS lads stay out of the news for ONE day? Apparantly not, with music journos of the world chiseling out a tombstone for the band based on last weekend's shows at Wembley. All hype aside, it DOES appear as though time is running out for the Good Ship Gallagher, as Hurricane Liam punctuated the band's weekend set by being as much of an arse as possible. On estranged wife Patsy? "Bitch." On Noel? "We've been touring the world making money for you while you sit at home." On Wembley?


Oasis Wants You!

Gonna be bored this weekend? Nothing to do? OASIS have an idea. On Saturday night, Oasis will be taking the stage for the second of their Wembley gigs. To commemorate the concert, the band is planning a documentary... and are wanting your help! A message on the band's official website is asking fans to grab camcorders and film themselves at the moment that Oasis takes to the stage.