More Oasis Troubles

More legal trouble for OASIS. Imagine that. Last week, Bonehead was arrested at a Tommy Hilfiger party for getting into it with a security guard. This week, ex-drummer Tony McCarroll's lawsuit against the band is set for trial. Hard to decide who to root for in that one. UPDATE! Oasis have settled on the eve of trial with their former drummer Tony McCarroll. Terms have not been disclosed, but it's safe to say that Tony is probably a fairly happy camper today.

The Chemical Colaborations

The CHEMICAL BROTHERS are set to release their new album with a little help from their friends. NOEL GALLAGHER, BERNARD SUMNER, and MERCURY REV have contributed to the new album which is set to be released in May of this year.

Fall Release For New Oasis Album

Creation Records have announced that OASIS are readying a new record for a Fall 1999 release. Expect a single in early September, with the new album to follow shortly. Noel Gallagher had previously claimed that no new Oasis material would surface until the year 2000, but a recent songwriting foray has netted a new album's worth of material.

Frontmen In Trouble with The Law

IAN BROWN is singin' those jailhouse blues again, after his appeal from a four-month sentence for threatening behavior on an airplane was denied. His UK tour, scheduled for November, has now been rescheduled for after his release. In the U.S., his long-delayed "Unfinished Monkey Business" album has been pushed back yet again, this time to early 1999. It is doubtful he could tour the U.S. until around April or May of 1999. Meanwhile, OASIS frontman Liam Gallagher had another run-in with "The Man" earlier this week after reportedly smashing up a photographer's camera.


Noel Is Not The Walrus

NOEL GALLAGHER has fessed in an exclusive interview with NME that the OASIS version of the Beatles' classic "I Am the Walrus" was NOT recorded live at the Glasgow Cathouse as it states on Oasis' releases. Apparantly the band intended to release the Glasgow show version... until they realized their performance was "rubbish!" The group's released version was in fact taped at a soundcheck prior to an Oasis promotional stop at the Gleneagles Sony Seminar, and the "crowd noise" present on the recording is actually nicked from a Faces bootleg.

Oasis's Master Plan

The Oasis b-sides album, entitled "The Masterplan" will be released worldwide on November 2nd.

Noel vs. Liam

This week's "Celebrity Deathmatch" on MTV, in addition to featuring an Oprah/Rosie battle royale, includes Noel and Liam Gallagher fighting it out in top claymation form. The episode premiers Thursday, May 21 at 10:00 p.m.

Oasis's "Sad Song" Finally on CD

OASIS will be releasing a new Japanese single out soon for "Don't Go Away," which will feature the long-sought-after-on-CD track "Sad Song," previously available only on the vinyl format of "Definitely Maybe."

Rod Stewart Covers Oasis and the Scream

Our parents may soon get hit with a watered-down dose of indie soon, as word comes from NME today that the forthcoming album from veteran crooner and all-around heebie-jeebie sorta bloke ROD STEWART will feature covers of Oasis' "Cigarettes and Alcohol" and Primal Scream's "Rocks."