Good Night for Talk Show Gigs Tonight

Normally we don't take the time to tell you guys when a cool band is showing up for five minutes on some talk show or another, but tonight is a bit of an exception, as the stars are aligning for some serious televised goodness. First off, Conor Oberst is bringing BRIGHT EYES to the mainstream tonight with an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Then flip it over to the Jimmy Kimmel Show to catch THE RAVEONETTES. Then, swing your dial to the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson to catch KASABIAN. Then go to sleep because you'll be tired from all that channel flipping.

Great Danes

Everyone's favorite Danes, The Raveonettes, are back at it, but this time with a little less fuzz but just as much buzz. Their new record "Pretty In Black" has been given a US release date of May 3... and they've already booked a tour (with Autolux) to coincide. There are two ways to snag a preview though... "Love In A Trashcan" (the first single) is available now through the iTunes store and should hit the radiowaves a month from now. Or, you can pop down to Austin next month to catch Sune and Sharon on stage during the SxSW festival during the Crunchy Frog showcase with Danish labelmates Epo-555 and Powersolo.