Sloan: Parallel Play

The latest from veteran power-poppers Sloan, Parallel Play, is in a strange position of being a follow-up to a breakthrough album-- 2006's ambitious Never
Hear the End of It-- that never really broke through. - Source

New Sloan - "I'm Not A Kid Anymore"

Veteran Canadian outfit Sloan are set to release their tenth studio full-length (discounting the Peppermint EP, including Recorded Live At A Sloan Party which was not recorded at a party, etc.) in 16 years. Prolific. That's what happens when you have four songwriters, though, and that's how they came upon the name for the new record: Parallel Play, as in that developmental psych term you learned while misdiagnosing yourself with every affliction in your Psych 101 book in high school. "I'm Not A Kid Anymore" comes from bassist/singer Chris Murphy, who explains the track's title like so:

I wanted to write a song about how we're old now and we think we have this pain in the ass job but in the scheme of things it's pretty awesome. We work 9 to 5 but it's the other 9 to 5 as in 9 pm to 5 am. It's really not that bad.

Yeah that's not a complaint to utter too loudly, Chris. (We know a good fifty some bands that would love trade places with you.) This song, on the other hand ... well, turn this shit up as loudly as possible. It's a gritty power popper with just the right the bit of Revolver-era harmonies to the bridge. - Source


Pomona, CA, Glass House
June 29, 2002

One of my first online friends made me a tape with several tracks from Sloan's "Twice Removed" album back in 1994 and I've been hooked ever since. You would think that I've seen them a billion times in the past eight years but this past Saturday was my first time at a Sloan gig. It's actually really annoying that I've never seen them. One time I threw a house party on the same night of their gig, and the worst-missed-Sloan-show was when I was talking about how great they were at a club and someone said, "Didn't you see them last week?" I had no idea they were even on tour! Needless to say, I wasn't going to miss this show for the life of me.
The Glass House is actually two venues. One is a normal size club-type venue, the other is a little closet which hold a few hundred people at the most. Sloan played three shows in the area so they were easily a "closet" band.