Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others

As far as I knew "The Smiths" was not a storyline, but... apparently to some it is. Andrew Wale and Perrin Manzer (creators of Jacques Brel's Anonymous Society) are taking "The Smiths" the way of The Pet Shop Boys and ABBA... into a musical. The show, which will premier in London at the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre next summer, will consist of more than 20 classic Smiths tunes re-arranged for a string quartet and a half a dozen vocalists. Negotiations are currently ongoing with the producers and Misters Morrissey and Marr to determine exactly which Smiths songs will be included. How will this weave itself into a story? Associate Producer Michael Brazier told the Independent...

"It is not a linear story. There will be action going on on stage whether it's dance or movement or acting without words depends on the scene. Sometimes the song - and what the singer is saying in the song - will be the main line of action. But other times when you are concentrating on the singer, out of the corner of your eye you will be seeing impressionistic goings- on elsewhere on the stage. The significance of that [action] will become clear later. The meaning of these clues will gradually reveal themselves."

New Order, ex-Stone Roses & ex-Smith Members Form Super Group

On the list today Christopher overheard something about a super group featuring some of the great bass players of our time. Sam confirmed it and the members include PETER HOOK from NEW ORDER, MANI from the STONE ROSES (...more recently PRIMAL SCREAM) and ANDY ROURKE from the SMITHS. I found an interview from with Peter Hook where he confirms that he's recording new New Order material as well as writing music for this side project. We'll keep you posted.

Ex-Smiths Andy Rourke & Mike Joyce DJ Tour

Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce from THE SMITHS will be touring the US this month as a DJ pair. The tour starts tomorrow in Miami at the Winter Music Conference and will hit most major markets. Who would've thought that the "other" guys from the Smiths would be DJ'ing??

The Smiths Rise Again

Ok... the Smiths haven't actually been resurrected, but their material has. Matinee Recordings has asked the artists on their roster to "take a stab at a Smiths cover"... and are releasing the material to honor the 20th anniversary of the band. Included on the new compilation, "Romantic and Square is Hip and Aware", are The Lucksmiths, Would-Be-Goods, Pines, The Liberty Ship and more. The album will be available late in December via Matinee Mailorder or in January in record shops.


Penning The Smiths

As reported by their official website, Joe Pernice of The Pernice Brothers has signed a contract with an undisclosed publishing company to write a fictional/autobiographical novella regarding The Smiths' Meat Is Murder. The new novella is expected to be published in September 2003. Joe's previous book of poetry 'Two Blind Pigeons' is available via his website or live shows.

In band related tidbits, the new album (as yet untitled) is nearing completion and should be available on Joe's Ashmont Records in 2003.

Smiths Reunion Rumors...

KROQ-FM in Los Angeles is diving headfirst into the rumour mill about a possible SMITHS reunion on the horizon. The supporting facts, although sketchy at best, remain intruiging: Former Smiths frontman MORRISSEY and guitarist JOHNNY MARR are both currently working on new solo recordings in Los Angeles. Here's the kicker: KROQ is reporting that Marr, who recently wrapped up session work on Beck's new record, is now set to join Beck onstage at this summer's COACHELLA FESTIVAL in Indio, CA, on October 9th...


World Cup Supergroup Track

This year's England World Cup song "(How Does It Feel To Be) On Top Of the World" was co-written by Ian McCulloch and Johnny Marr . It is set to be released on June 1st. The track also features all the Spice Girls on backing vocals, as well as contributions by members of Space and Ocean Color Scene . Also scheduled for release is "Three Lions 98" from the Lightning Seeds , a reworking of their prior World Cup theme.