The Stills, Oceans Will Rise

Still successfully managed to put their own youthful stamp on the rock-pop genre. - Source

The Stills Unfetter Bizarre Vlog

Freak yourself out by watching the clip below. Stills MP3 at bottom of post.MP3: The Stills - In The Beginning - Source

Levi's/FADER Fort - The Stills

The Penultimate act of the Tripwire-curated day at the Levis/FADER Fort was filled with a pleasant surprise of new material from Canadian rockers The Stills. While they started and finished with familiar tracks ("Lola Stars and Stripes," "In The Beginning"), the cream filling was nothing but new material - Source

New Stills Video - "Snake-Charming The Masses"

We're hearing the Stills are close to releasing their third LP, which is perfect timing to capitalize on the buzz from their set at Rachael Ray's indie rock SXSW showcase (go ahead and make fun of it, music bloggers, Rachael has five jobs so she doesn't have time to care about your snark). That would make "Snake-Charming The Masses" the first single and the first video from the album that is yet to be named. It's a sort of bleak and dire title, and so a bleak and dire tune (rimclicks, toms, and a pedal point march). Guess the extended shot of a burning house falls into that "bleak" category, too. - Source

The Stills - Live

February 25, 2004
Troubador, Los Angeles, CA

The Stills released one of the best albums last year and I've been waiting for this show for several months. When I was first getting into the album I heard a show was announced for the Thrills and was super excited. I even went to to check the rest of the dates. Once the music started streaming from the site I realized that I'm an idiot and it was the Stills that I like. Ugg... A similar thing happened last year with Longview and Longwave.