Brace Yourself For 'Britpop Weakest Link'

Digital Spy reports: *Oasis and Blur have reportedly been lined up to appear in a Britpop special of The Weakest Link. The show's bosses have contacted Noel Gallagher, Liam Gallagher, Damon Albarn and Alex James to appear in the episode of the gameshow, according to the Daily Star. "If we can pull this off it would be unbelievable," commented a BBC source. "Noel admits he's a Weakest Link fan." Other stars that bosses want to have on the show include Jarvis Cocker, Elastica's Justine Frischmann, Manic Street Preachers' James Dean Bradfield & Suede's Brett Anderson.  Source

Brett Anderson goes Solo

"I'm literally about to go to the studio and finish off my solo album. I kind of half finished it a year ago and I've been living with it and we're just putting a few final touches to it. It should be released next year and I'm very proud of it."

In an exclusive to Xfm Brett Anderson (formerly of Suede, now of The Tears) announces the imminent completion of his first solo record. He claims in the interview that the difference between his material and The Tears is a lack of guitars... but then goes on to admit there are actually guitars on the record and oh by the way they're all played by him. Yeh it's all about as confusing as this statement... "I co-wrote all the songs with a guy called Fred Bull who was in a band called Pleasure. He's a mate and we started writing together and it went really well so we just made the record." Co-wrote? How does one co-write a solo project?

..."It will not be Suede or Anderson and Butler"

Well... after perhaps THE rockiest musical breakup in modern British music history... Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler are officially working together again. The rumor mill has been a buzz with this info for a little while now but Brett himself confirmed this on the suede forum this morning:

"I know there has been a lot of speculation and rumor about precisely what I'm up to so I thought I'd set the record straight. Firstly I can confirm that me and Bernard are working together again.We've written about fifteen songs so far and even though it's early days I can honestly say that I believe the work to be up there with some of the best things we've ever done. We have been rehearsing with a drummer and a bass player who will be part of our new band. I can't tell you what we will be called yet but it will not be Suede or Anderson and Butler. We'll be entering a London studio to start recording in June so I'm hoping that you will hear something early next year.

Also I've been working on a solo album with a guy called Fred Ball. Some of you might have heard his Pleasure album from last year. The material is more programmed than the Bernard stuff but still song based. Danish fans will have heard one of these songs, ' Love Is Dead ', at the recent Copenhagen show. The writing of this album is close to being finished too but I have a less clear plan as to when it might be released."


Suede Split!

The official statement:

"Suede would like to announce that from next year they will be working on their own individual projects.There will not be a new studio album until the band feel that the moment is artistically right to make one.This announcement does not affect the forthcoming touring commitments. Suede would like to thank the fans for their wonderful support over the years. See you in the next life."

To pay our respects Ajay has set up Excellent Radio to play All Suede... All Day.

The Hype on Positivity

SUEDE's new single POSITIVITY was released this week to much fanfare. With the album coming out on September 30th in the UK, the new material is being hyped up everywhere. We'll let you make up your own mind by checking out the new video courtesy of Playlouder.

More information on the new Suede releases can be found on their official website.
Also checkout a recent Guardian interview with Brett where he discusses his long time drug addiction and his newly found optimism.

Neil Codling leaves Suede

Bad news from NME this morning: NEIL CODLING, everyone's favorite magazine-reading keyboardist, has officially left SUEDE. Codling, whose public bout with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has plagued the band for quite some time, has called it quits after suffering a relapse. His permanent replacement in the band will be Alex Lee, formerly of STRANGELOVE. Our best to Neil for a solid and speedy recuperation...

Suede's 1-date US Tour

CDnow is reporting that SUEDE are currently planning only one U.S. show in support of their new album, "Head Music", with that show expected to take place on the east coast. The location and other details have yet to be announced.

Give Me Head

Oh boy. You know what I really can't stand? What really gets on my nerves? What makes me want to tear out my larynx with a tongue depressor and jump into an ocean of sore throat lozenges and come up with really bad analogies? When a couple of albums come out that are so excellent, so refreshing, so emblematic of what can be good, gorgeous and -- dammit -- right in this world of music, that it makes virtually anything else out there (anything) seem like a punctured elephant testicle on a stick. It sorta blows. Until you look into it. So this world is full of disappointment? Fear? Outright evil? So everything can be a total fucking misery? So what. ULTRASOUND and SUEDE both just put out an album.


Suede and Catatonia Release Updates

NME is reporting that the new SUEDE album will be out on May 3, preceded by a single in April. New CATATONIA is on the way even sooner, with the first single ("Dead from the Waist Down") due out March 22, to be followed by an album in April. For a lot of what's coming out first quarter 99, click on Releases.

Suede Part Ways with Long-time Producer

NME is reporting today that SUEDE have chosen to part ways with long-time producer Ed Buller. Their new record, due out in early 1999, is apparantly now being handled by Steve Osbourne, who's previously worked with U2, Placebo, and co-produced the Happy Mondays' "Pills, Thrills, and Bellyaches." Interestingly enough, it was the band's previous insistence on using Buller that provided the major catalyst for the departure of original guitarist and songwriter Bernard Butler, who said at the time that Buller had all but destroyed the "Dog Man Star" album.