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Gruff Rhys Backs Up Rotten Incident Claims

The Super Furry/Neon Neon man was present at the ruck that allegedly saw Bloc Party's Kele Okereke roughed up. - Source

Super Furry Animals Visit Conan

Enjoy last night's performance of 'Neo Consumer' below. Visit SFA on MySpace. - Source

Super Furry Songbooks

What's that you say? That's not the original cover of the Super Furry Animals single 'The Man Don't Give A F#ck'? Nope... sure isn't. It's a *new* one. The Furries classic bring-down-the-man anthem is being re-released on September 20 as a prelude to the forthcoming Songbook (to be released on Oct 4 in the UK). While the live version of 'The Man Don't Give A F%ck' included on the single was recorded at the Hammersmith Apollo on the last night of the band's Spring tour this year, it won't appear on Songbook... the band's first singles compilation. So what will be on Songbook?


Phantom Phorce a phantom release?

Are you having a hard time finding the new SUPER FURRY ANIMALS' CD? You aren't the only one. Unfortunately, the company that the Furry's were distributing their new remix album through, 3MV, has gone liquidy (uhh... that'd be bankrupt I suppose). So what happened to all those copies of 'Phantom Phorce'? Who knows. According to the Furry's label, Placid Casual, they'll be sending out new copies to retailers but it'll take a few weeks to get sorted.

I'd tell you how wonderful the release is and all that you're missing out, but along with the other 99% of SFA fans, I haven't been able to find it either. Check back with Placid Casual for more updates...

Note From Shane: Just as a quick postscript on Liz' story, I DO have it, and it's only marginally wonderful. Some of the mixes are spot-on, but others just plink and plonk around willy-nilly. And if you've got the DVD, you've heard most of it already.

Super Furry Animals - Phantom Power DVD

Super Furry Animals - Phantom Power
Review by James Freeman

I got my copy of the SFA "Phantom Power" DVD in the mail today [I decided I didn't want to wait until September 9, so I ordered a UK copy].


SFA's US Tour

Over at the official Super Furry Animals homepage, they announced a slew of US dates. Their album, 'Rings Around the World', will finally get a US release on March 19th.

Mercury Music Prize Drama

Radio 1 announced the Mercury Music Prize nominations yesterday. They included, Basement Jaxx, Turin Breaks, Gorillaz, Super Furry Animals, Goldfrapp, Elbow, and Radiohead.

Then the Gorillaz refuse the nomination. Murdoc said, "Mercury Award? Sounds a bit heavy, man! You know - like carrying a dead albatross round your neck for eternity. No thanks man!"

And today the band's label, Parlophone, said that since they put the Gorillaz in the race, only they can pull them out.


Billboard has a story about how the next Super Furry Animals will be release on both CD and DVD. "Rings Around the World" is scheduled for July 23 and the DVD version will include six extra songs plus a short film for each of the eighteen tracks. They are currently looking for a US label to release the album.

Sir Furries

And the SUPER FURRY ANIMALS have announced let it slip that none other than PAUL McCARTNEY will be making a guest appearance on their new album, due in May? The Big Mac's contribution? Chewing vegetables rhythmically on one track.

SFA Premier Another Video On 120 Minutes

Some news directly from Karen at the SUPER FURRY ANIMALS camp: The video for the new SFA single, "Do Or Die" is expected to be the second clip played on this Sunday's episode of 120 Minutes on MTV. The band's new Welsh-language album, "Mwng," is to be released in April, and Flydaddy is expected to release the album in the States. A short U.S. tour is expected to follow in May.