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No Trash Can Sinatras? What gives, Daytrotter?

Last week, we reported exclusively that the fine folks at Daytrotter would be unveiling a session from our favorite Scots, The Trashcan Sinatras.  Well, all week went by... and no session.  We contacted Sean Moeller at Daytrotter, who informed us that the Trashcan session, which was recorded last summer, was delayed at the last minute by request of the band to coincide with the release of the next Trashcans single... so look for it in the coming weeks.

Trash Can Sinatras to Hit Daytrotter

We've got it on pretty good authority that later this week, Daytrotter will be unveiling a session taped in the late summer from The Trashcan Sinatras -- and seeing as how Excellent Online was with the band during the session, you can expect to hear a previously unreleased track that the band was still working through at the time of recording.  Pretty cool stuff.

Scottish Indie Pop Goes Left Wing!

Just happened to catch this one on the radio today... our fave Scottish indiepop band, the legendary TRASH CAN SINATRAS, who are currently meandering their way around the States on their second US tour in support of last year's excellent "Weightlifting" record, are playing live tomorrow...

On Air America Radio!

Don't know exactly when the session will be on, but the Trashies WILL be the special guests of Janeane Garofalo on Friday's edition of "The Majority Report." The show airs at different times on different Air America affiliates, but most stations carry it live in the late afternoon/early evening hours.

Trashcan Sinatras - Philadelphia - 09/19/04

Trashcan Sinatras
Philadelphia, The Trocadero
Sunday September 19, 2004

The thing that struck me immediately when walking into the Trocadero the night that the Trashcan Sinatras played was the posters of the cover art for Weightlifting with the words "Welcome back..." written on the bottom. There was a tangible sense that the TCS were returning to finally make right all the wrong that they have endured in the past several years. With a new, gorgeous album, their "classic TCS lineup" in place (with Davie Hughes on bass), I was hoping I would get to see the band in top form and I did.


Trash Can Sinatras - Weightlifting

“Weightlifting” is an Exercise in Superior Songwriting

The lyrics to the opener, “Welcome Back,” on the Trash Can Sinatras new album, Weightlifting, could easily be a message to the band themselves. A few seconds into “Welcome Back” Francis Reader, the Trash Can Sinatras’ front man, sings: “Welcome back, back to health, back from the edge where we found you.” These lyrics mirror the reality the band has faced since 1996’s A Happy Pocket. After the release of A Happy Pocket, the band ended up declaring bankruptcy, but due to their love of making music together they managed to come back from the brink of financial ruin to release Weightlifting, a musically solid collection of songs that are as good, if not better (in some respects), that their previous albums. That is to say if you are a fan of their earlier albums, you will surely love the new record. Weightlifting picks up where A Happy Pocket left off and the two albums can be played back-to-back seamlessly despite the eight years that have passed between the two releases.


Trash Can Sinatras Score US Deal

Well, it's official. Our favorite Scottish Band That Could, the TRASH CAN SINATRAS, have signed a deal with spinART Records for their new album, "Weightlifting" (not to be confused with the Weightlifting EP released by the band earlier this year!) The record will be out August 31st, with a FULL U.S. TOUR IN SEPTEMBER! The Trashies have long been one of our favorite bands, and their web community is too beautiful for words (the band's online fans have continually raised money for the group with donations and homemade releases - it's really magical.) We're SO excited that they're back.

Trashie Action!

THE TRASH CAN SINATRAS have sprung back into action after another of their legendary hiatuses. The band played The Troubador in L.A. last night as a warmup gig to their appearances at the South By Southwest festival this week. The guys also appeared on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic yesterday, where they played a handful of new tunes alongside previous single "How Can I Apply." It's not often that the band lurks on this side of the pond, so if you're planning to attend SXSW, they should be at the top of your Must-See List.

The band's set on Morning Becomes Eclectic can currently be heard on KCRW's Website, but we don't know how long the archive will stay active. Also bask in the band's woefully inaccurate description on the website as "shoegazing legends." (sigh).

Trash Can Sinatras are back!

The TRASH CAN SINATRAS will be quietly sneaking into New York City in November for a show at Fez under time. What's with the one-off gig? Well... they'll be in town to finish mixing their new record with ANDY CHASE. Andy's been working on it piecemeal throughout the summer and the last 5 tracks will be completed in the next few weeks. The album will be mixed and mastered before they head back to the UK so look for a springtime release around the world.

Trash Can Sinatras Sign with March Records

THE TRASH CAN SINATRAS are label-less stateside no more, as US indie March Records has signed the band. An EP entitled "Leave Me Alone" is expected this spring, and the band are currently recording their fourth studio album. March Records, which got its start distributing Chicago area bands like Big Hat and Catherine, has been steadily increasing their catalogue over the years, and now boasts domestic deals for THE CHERRY ORCHARD, Scandinavian popsters CINNAMON along with the Trashies and others.


Gene and TCS Tour Updates

Well, as you can see by the date of our last news post, Excellent Online has been on a bit of holiday this month (primarily due to the absolute and total lack of anything newsworthy to report on.) However, that's about to change. We've got word of TWO very exclusive one-off concerts... First off, GENE have announced a one-off American gig on June 1 at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. The band currently have NO American record label, but the exclusive US show should provide the band a showcase to highlight new tracks from their forthcoming fourth studio record.