Gallery - The Verve @ The Theatre At MSG | NYC

Our good friend Kelli McNamara was front and center during last night's Verve concert at The Theatre at Madison Square Garden. She got to witness this legendary band perform plenty of favorites, including "Sonnet," "The Rolling People," "Lucky Man," "The Drugs Don't Work," "Space And Time" - Source

The Verve @ MSG Theater (Night 2): This Is Music

Simply stated: 105 minutes of utter bliss. Trio of photos, the setlist & an MP3 below.Setlist: A New Decade. Sonnet. This Is Music. Space & Time. Life's An Ocean. Already There. Weeping Willow. Sit & Wonder. The Rolling People. Gravity Grave. Velvet Morning. The Drugs Don't Work. Lucky Man. Come On... Bitter Sweet Symphony. Love Is Pain. - Source

Coachella: The Verve Sound Like A Sonnet, Flash Impeccable Cheekbones @ The Main Stage

While watching Verve's main stage set last night we found ourselves wondering something we don't usually wonder: What would it be like to live inside the head of Richard Ashcroft for a day? The lanky, impeccably cheekboned vocalist -- who can easily pull off wearing a shirt opened to the bottom two buttons, all the better to make room for his gem-encrusted cross -- has such an obvious god complex (does god swagger?), but manages to channel it in a way that you don't hate him. It's more like, "This man was born to be nothing but a rock star." And we need more people like that. More of that rock pomposity in the age of MySpace and everyone-has-a-band, etc.

He started the set in appropriately dramatic action, giving a "this is music!" shout, before easing into the song of the same name and shifting into "Space In Time" and "Sonnet." They focused on the hits: "Lucky Man," "Life's An Ocean," and "The Drugs Don't Work," among others, but the song that received the biggest crowd swell was a dramatic, starry-sky "Bitter Sweet Symphony" (shooting star just before they hit the stage, true story, recalling "Hyperballad" last year). Ashcroft, who said he was leaving for Las Vegas after the set, dedicated the anthem to Hunter S. Thompson. With beers at a pop and not being allowed outside the Beer Garden, we were way too far from the gonzo new-journalist's mindset, but hey, why quibble.

They also performed the newish track "Sit And Wonder." We stood and wondered why they'd bother with new material, since the crowd clearly wanted the old hits, but gods must create (or as Richard put it "new music is what this band does."). It wasn't horrible, but it felt labored, the bass-line self-consciously funky, and the overall structure less flowing than the rest of the set. It reminded us of Happy Mondays, basically, which in the end offered another opportunity for Ashcroft to prance and primp. Which is why you came to watch 'em. Cue the smoke machine.

Click on for video of "Bittersweet Symphony," and photos of Richard's cheekbones. - Source

The Verve: 'Our new songs are made for stadiums'

The Verve gave their first US performance in 10 years at the Coachella Festival last night (April 25), and NME.COM caught up with guitarist Nick McCabe before their set. - Source

Submit Material For An Upcoming Verve Documentary

With the news of The Verve reuniting and finally coming over to our shores for a few shows, it was only a matter of time before somebody decided it was a good idea to capture the whole thing for everyone. We're glad they did too - Source

The Verve announce US warm-up show

The Verve have announced an intimate show in San Francisco to take place before their appearance at Coachella. - Source

Gigs, Gigs, Gigs

Two great concert announcements today... The Verve will be playing at the Pearl Concert Theater in Las Vegas on April 26th (the day after their Coachella performance.) I'll probably be attending the Vegas show as it's on a Saturday and... - Source

The Verve Unveils Pair Of NYC Gigs

Hallelujah! Catch the reunited band at:

4/28 - WaMu Theater @ MSG
4/29 - WaMu Theater @ MSG

Tix on sale this Saturday at 11am via TM.  - Source

KT Tunstall & Billy Bragg Cover Kaiser Chiefs & The Verve

Watch their (underwhelming?) takes on 'I Predict A Riot' & 'The Drugs Don't Work' at HMV's Oxford Street (London) location below. Download an original KT tune at bottom of post.MP3: KT Tunstall - Black Horse & The Cherry Tree - Source

Retro Clip: The Verve Visits Jools Holland, Circa '97

Enjoy a mesmerizing take on Urban Hymns mega-single, 'The Drugs Don't Work', below.  - Source