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Violent Femmes Cover Gnarls Barkley

On St. Elsewhere, Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse covered the Violent Femmes' "Gone Daddy Gone." Gordon Gano & Co. have now returned the favor, offering their take on "Crazy." (Which, yes, true, has already been covered by almost everyone, from Twilight Singers to Nelly Furtado and back.) So far less than a minute's streaming, but even from this sound clip we can see that the Femmes are staying pretty true to the original's script: Gano even does the "ha ha ha" where Cee-Lo lays his laugh. Because it's the Violent Femmes, though, it's a lot creepier (in a good way). And it sounds like the Violent Femmes. - Source

Inland Invasion 3

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Hyundai Pavilion, San Bernardino, CA
September 20, 2003

The Hyundai (formerly Blockbuster) Pavilion is the probably the worst place to see a concert.... unless you're in the first ten rows. If you're in the lawn (like most people) then just forget about it. You might as well be watching it on TV because you're going to be spending the whole day staring at the jumbo-screens. Today's lineup is pretty impressive and it's the first time that I ever heard of the "nation's largest amphitheater" selling out.