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Rolling Stone Selects '25 Best Live Albums'

Included in the bunch:

Kiss - Alive
U2 - Rattle & Hum
Daft Punk - Alive 2007
The Who - Live At Leeds
Wilco - Kicking Television
Radiohead - I Might Be Wrong

View the full list here. - Source

Mike Myers as Keith Moon? Really??

Gigwise is confirming this week that MIKE MYERS has been tipped to play Keith Moon in a new biopic of the legendary drummer... and was hand-picked by none other than Roger Daltrey himself. We're kinda up in the air about this one... but we get to wait 'til 2009 to see the results.

Live8 Rebroadcast

MTV actually listened to the complaints and will air 10 hours of uninterrupted performance footage from last week's Live8 concerts. Starting at 10am-3pm, VH1 will start the broadcast and then it will switch to MTV from 3pm-8pm. Some of the performances include: U2, Pink Floyd, Coldplay/Richard Ashcroft, Paul McCartney, Killers, Robbie Williams, the Who and more...

If you can't watch, then maybe you'd like to download the performances from AOL. That site has a list of direct download links for almost every performer in every country. And as always, please go to the Live8 website and sign up, they don't want your money, just your face.

Pete Townshend: Kiddie Porn King???

PETE TOWNSHEND of The Who held one EXCEPTIONALLY odd press conference this morning. That is to say, his PUBLICIST did, as Pete didn't actually attend. The Daily Mail newspaper ran a VERY interesting article this morning, discussing a kiddie porn sting that's going on with joint cooperation between the US and the UK. The article then goes on to mention that British police were investigating an "unnamed rock star" as part of the sweep. Within hours, Townshend issued a statement essentially affirming that he was the particular rock star in question, and that he had, in fact, used his credit card to join an underage "lolita" porn site. BUT... he claims he joined the site for one reason only: to do research for his upcoming autobiography. (Pretty weird, eh?) Apparantly Townshend believes that he suffered some form of sexual abuse as a child, a memory that's he's since repressed. He's currently in the process of writing a book on his childhood, and wanted to view an underage website to get a sense for the evils of child pornography. "To fight against pedophilia, you have to know what's out there." Coming from a normal person, this explanation might be hard to swallow. But stangely, coming from Pete Townshend, it sounds pretty believable.

Oasis Finally Appeal to Their G-G-G-G-Generation

OASIS have confirmed "Little By Little" as their next single... but the important news is that their stellar live cover of The Who's "My Generation" is to finally see the light of day as one of the new b-sides. Of course, the last time that Oasis put out a "live" cover version on a single, we found out years later that it wasn't a live treatment at all - their version of "I Am the Walrus", which claimed to be recorded live, was in fact a studio one-take that the band later added crowd noise to in order to emulate a live performance... and if memory serves, I believe they admitted that the crowd noise in question was ripped from The Who's "Live at Leeds." What goes around comes around...

John Entwistle RIP

NOT a good way to end a Thursday afternoon, folks. Breaking news has just hit the AP wire that JOHN ENTWISTLE, bassist for THE WHO, has died today in Las Vegas. The Who were scheduled to begin a massive summer US tour in mere days. Cause of death is yet to be released. Entwistle was a mere 57 years old. Play Quadrophenia LOUD tonight.