One of our old columns...

Coffee Overload

Okay kids, so it's been like a zillion years since my last column, so I figure it's time to update... the problem is, there, erm..., really isnt anything worthwhile to write about... Ever have one of those months where you become totally disenchated by music? It kinda scares me, to be quite honest... but I really havnt cared about hardly anything that I've heard this year so far... I'm praying that it's simply been a year of crap music, and not the dreaded "MATURITY" that one tends to hear when one approaches 30 years of age. (Of course, I've still got <3> more years of life prior to that, and I have full and total plans to remain immature and stupid for as long as humanly possible.) It's still kinda spooky, though...


A Rush and a Push

So now the warm fuzzies start to sink in... Our dream of the past year and a half is finally a reality, and you've officially encountered Excellent Online. The fact that you're here reading this now is all that we wanted. Allow me to formally say 'allo. My name's Shane, and I'm one of the 4 administrators of our spanky new facilities here.