The Manics Cancel US Dates

The MANIC STREET PREACHERS US tour was thrown a curveball this week when frontman James Bradfield came down with a case of laryngitis, forcing the cancellation of at least two dates on the East Coast leg of the tour (one happening about 5 minutes before showtime.) The cancelled shows are presumed to be rescheduled towards the end of the tour. Hopefully it won't affect many more dates - we'll keep you posted in the event of an official announcement.

All Tomorrow's Parties Rescheduled

Good news for fans of twee! ALL TOMORROW'S PARTIES, the sequel to the original Bowlie Weekender, has been rescheduled for another go come April 2000. The festival, highly anticipated by music critics and Belle & Sebastian fans alike, was originally scheduled for this week, but was cancelled due to poor ticket sales. The re-arranged April fest promises 90% of the original ATP schedule, with the addition of several "special guests" (that will likely draw a crowd this time!)

Radio 1 Webcasts

As I type this, I'm currently listening to London traffic reports, thanks to this week's launch of the new BBC RADIO ONE WEBSITE. The re-launch FINALLY returns Radio One to the world of RealAudio, but this time around, the shows aren't archived - it's a 24-hour live streaming feed. The newly updated site also features news, contests, polls, and trivia. The new site's at

Liam Is A Dad

Toniiiiiite, I'm a rock and roll dad! Radio One is reporting this morning that LIAM GALLAGHER is now a papa. Wife Patsy Kensit wasn't due until mid-October, but the BBC is reporting that she underwent an emergency Caesarian overnight and that mom, dad, and baby are reported to be well. Oh, and the wee tot's name? LENNON GALLAGHER. But you can call 'im Lenny.

Mel C US Dates

Ever wonder what would happen if Robbie Williams was a girl? American audiences will get a chance to find out next month when MEL C (aka SPORTY SPICE) makes a U.S. jaunt to promote her new "indie" solo record. The first U.S. will be October 1st at New York's Irving Plaza.

Tony McCarrol Wants Back In Oasis

Those lads from OASIS are back in the news all the time these days. It seems ousted drummer Tony McCarroll has sent Noel a letter asking for a tryout to be the band's new bass player. Just a quick pointer: It's usually best to ask for a new job from your former bosses BEFORE you sue them. Also, Liam and Noel have each recorded songs for the forthcoming JAM cover album, "Fire and Skill", which also features GENE, REEF and GARBAGE.

The "Blur Split" Rumors Have Been Squashed

Looks like we can cancel those rumours about BLUR splitting up, at least for now. Onstage at Reading this past weekend, Blur frontman Damon Albarn announced two special shows later this year in London to help celebrate the band's 10th anniversary, but also hinted that the band was going to "do something else" after those two shows. One show will be held at Camden Palace, where the band promises to play through their vast repertoire of b-sides; the other will be a Wembley Arena gig, where the band will play all 22 of their singles in order.


Ivy Parents

A bit belated, here, but congratulations are in order to Dominique Durand and Andy Chase of IVY on the birth last month of their first child, Justine Chase Goldberg.

Oasis Becomes A Trio

Pretty soon they'll just be called "The Gallagher Brothers," it seems, as now bassist Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan has left OASIS. The split, which comes only two weeks after rhythm guitarist Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs announced his departure, now leaves Liam, Noel, and drummer Alan White as the only remaining members. Principal recording for the new forthcoming Oasis record has already been completed in France with both McGuigan and Arthurs, and it's now left to the Gallaghers to finish mixing the record, scheduled for a Spring 2000 release.


Smiths Reunion Rumors...

KROQ-FM in Los Angeles is diving headfirst into the rumour mill about a possible SMITHS reunion on the horizon. The supporting facts, although sketchy at best, remain intruiging: Former Smiths frontman MORRISSEY and guitarist JOHNNY MARR are both currently working on new solo recordings in Los Angeles. Here's the kicker: KROQ is reporting that Marr, who recently wrapped up session work on Beck's new record, is now set to join Beck onstage at this summer's COACHELLA FESTIVAL in Indio, CA, on October 9th...