Graham Coxon: 'I tried jumping from a sixth-storey window after Blur/Oasis showdown'

Graham Coxon has spoken about the fallout from Blur Britpop tussle with Oasis. - Source

Daft Punk to write soundtrack for 'Tron 2.0'

Daft Punk are set to work on the soundtrack for 'Tron 2.0'. - Source

Woodstock Confirms 40th Anniversary At Original Location With Original Performers To Headline

After scoping out Prospect Park's Long Meadow for the event, it has now been confirmed that the festival will instead be getting back to its roots; taking place at its original location in Bethel Woods, with a handful of the original performers added on to the roster. - Source

Modest Mouse drummer joins The Shins

Modest Mouse drummer Joe Plummer has replaced Jesse Sandoval in The Shins, as part of a shuffle in the lineup of the band. - Source

Nick Cave's rejected script for 'Gladiator 2' unearthed

A PDF of Nick Cave's rejected script for 'Gladiator 2' has been leaked on the internet. - Source

Former Hope Of The States members launch new band

Former Hope Of The States singer Sam Herlihy is set to launch his new band The Northwestern by releasing the band's debut single this June. - Source

Graham Coxon, Spinning Top

Blur guitarist's seventh solo album enters 'concept' territory! - Source

Interpol frontman to release solo album

Interpol frontman Paul Banks is readying a new solo album, which will be released under the moniker Julian Plenti. - Source

Wilco Vs. Wilco: Jay Bennett Sues Jeff Tweedy Over Royalties

Join the band. Argue. Make up. Break up. The cycle used to end there, but former Wilco member Jay Bennett is adding a new phase -- the law suit. He's taking Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy to court to recoup money he claims he's owed from his years in the band. - Source

The Shins @ Showbox, Seattle 5/4/09

Last night's Shins show featured an interesting line-up: No Marty Crandall? Also no Jesse Sandovol on drums, although the keyboardist's absence is more likely to be the focus of internet conjecture. Rounding out the lineup were Eric Johnson on keys (Fruit Bats), Ron Lewis on bass (Fruit Bats, Ghost Stories, Grand Archives, etc.), and an unrecognized drummer. It was the second show on the Sub Pop-free band's May tour of the coasts, and our photographer Laura Musselman tells us the new crew sounded tight, if missing Marty's energy. No new tunes to speak of, but this setlist spanned the discog nicely: Continue reading The Shins @ Showbox, Seattle 5/4/09... - Source