Arcade Fire's Web Browser Experiement

By theajaysharma

Arcade Fire have teamed up with Google to create an interactive film called, The Wilderness Downtown.  It features the Arcade Fire track, "We Used To Wait" off their recently released Suburbs album.  And it's a pretty fantastic demo of the new HTML5 standard.  For you less technical folks, sites like these are typically built using Adobe Flash which is annoying because it requires a plugin (which is sometimes slow and buggy).  The animation, sounds, and video all use features that are all built directly into the browser, a major step forward from the old boring websites.

Technical aspects aside, the film itself is pretty astounding.  You are prompted for the home address where you grew up and then it will use satellite & google street views of your childhood home directly in the video.  My favorite part is when you get to write a note directly in the video.  Take a few minutes to check it out (and you may have to download Google's Chrome to enjoy it).