Are Album/Gig Combos Destroying the Charts?

By shane

There's been a lot of hubbub in the music industry this week surrounding our pal PRINCE. Yep, THAT Prince. It seemed like an odd strategy when the Purple One announced that all fans attending one of the shows on his sold out tour would receive a copy of his new album, "Musicology." Now it's starting to become clear why... it turns out that Soundscan counts every one of those albums as a sale, which helped push "Musicology" to a #3 debut on the Billboard chart. Every time Prince sells out an arena, he's also racking up thousands upon thousands of sales of the record. Some record labels (i.e. all of them that aren't Prince's) are decrying the new practice as chart manipulation along the lines of the $.49 CD single. Other labels are leaping onto the bandwagon, as we've reported earlier that Gomez will be trying a similar strategy on their coming US tour.