Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

By theajaysharma

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
4100 Club, Los Angeles
Sunday, June 10, 2001

This was a free show on Sunday night and I was torn between going to this or Mogwai at the El Rey. Mogwai's gonna play San Diego in a few days so I'm covered there, I've never seen BRMC and I love the album. I was kinda worried cause I've never been to the 4100 club or "Detour" as it was previously called. Finding it was a breeze and I was expecting a line but there were just a few people hanging out outside, so I just cruised on in.

The 4100 club should really just be a big bar, instead of a "club". It's a big rectangle with a big ass rectangle bar in the middle. Now where would you put a stage? Off to the corner, 2 inches high, next to the jukebox. Probably the worst place to put a stage cause unless you were right in front, you couldn't see anything.

They were supposed to take the stage at 9pm but didn't end up going on until 10. The stage area was already packed so I just hung out at the bar and watched their set by looking at the mirror above the bar. I only have the album so I didn't recognize a bunch of their songs, they did play "Awake", "Love Burns", "Red Eyes and Tears", and "White Palms".

During the set they announced that a lot of people were stuck outside so they were going to play two sets. I could only stay for the first portion and I was a little pissed about it. I like it when bands screw around with their songs and BRMC is already doing that. Not drastic changes that you can't even identify the tracks, but songs are changed just enough to keep you on your toes.

I wish they would've done a full set instead of breaking them up like that but they were just trying to please everyone, including the slackers! :) But it's cool cause they've got a few shows lined up, the Charlatans opening slot, and a possible co-headlining tour with the Strokes.