bravecaptain is, Apparently, Dead.

By shane

Word has come in fleeting and mysterious messages of late from the world of bravecaptain. As you should know, Martin Carr -- once the songwriting force of the mighty Boo Radleys -- has been putting out albums under the bravecaptain moniker for several years now. Unhappy with the music biz, Carr's most recent bravecaptain album was released in mp3 format on his website for free download.

Now comes word that the final touches are being put on the project -- bravecaptain is dead. Carr's final show as the Cap'n happens this Sunday at the Black Lion Guest House in Kilburn. The gig is being filmed for future DVD release, and fans are encouraged to share their fave bravecaptain memories and stories at the gig.

As for the future, it's fairly murky. Carr, a friend of this site who has contributed to our many projects over the years, is being mercilessly silent and NOT replying to our interview requests. We can, however, cite a source close to the artist who lets us know that, while bravecaptain may be dead, a new band is in the works and will be revealed very soon-ish. We'll pass on the details when we know 'em.