Car Bang-Up Temporarily Halts Oasis US Tour

By shane

Gentlemen, STOP your engines. OASIS have scrapped their Indianapolis gig tonight as a result of a car accident in downtown Indy yesterday that sent three members of the band to hospital. Noel Gallagher, Andy Bell, and new keyboard player Jay "Hey-wasn't-I-in-Kula-Shaker" Darlington were riding in a taxi when they were hit head-on. The wreck set off airbags and locked seat belts in the cab, and all three members suffered cuts and bruises. According to the band's website, Noel has extreme facial bruising and Darlington's hand was hurt to the point that he had to return to hospital today. We'll let you know if other dates are affected. The band has been advised to rest for 48 hours, and the Indy show is promised to be rescheduled later this year.

UPDATE! (11:55 pm CST) - Philadelphia and Boston are now postponed as well. The band is hoping to pick the tour up in New York City on Sunday.