Before Castro Resigned, The Manic Street Preachers Played For Him In Cuba (And Later They Covered Rihanna)

By theajaysharma

We can hear the car horns in Miami from here -- today's big news in the real world is Fidel Castro's resignation as Cuba's #1 Commie. In related news: Drinks are most definitely on Raúl Castro tonight. The music angle? Torr brings it by taking a look back at Fidel-era Cuba's "Western rock band" history, coming up with "that time in 2001 when the Manics played the Karl Marx Theater in Havana." Head here for some links to video clips.

That's a mighty distinction for the Manics to hold; covering Rihanna's "Umbrella," though? That puts them in the slightly larger subset of them-and-the-rest-of-2007. But, here goes! From a forthcoming NME comp:

Also falling under the umbrella of Rihanna news, the Barbadian diva plans another live, Time-like reprise of her Monster Jam -- this time with Klaxons, at tomorrow night's BRIT awards ("It's an electronic version with guitars on it, with a twist of 'Golden Skans'").

Finally: damn that is an awesome tag set. - Source