Duran Duran Spinoff Band, Arcadia, Will Reissue Only Album

By theajaysharma

Back in 1985, the biggest "boy band", Duran Duran, split up into two bands.  Two members, John and Andy Taylor, went off to create the Power Station and the remaining three members (Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, and Nich Rhodes) went off to create Arcadia.  While Power Station sound more rock-ish, Arcaida had a different unique sound.  At the time I was nine years old but I distinctly remembering playing the vinyl for "So Red the Rose" over and over again and I was glad to read from Slicing Up Eyeballs, that they are going to reissue the original album with the original album, remixes, and a DVD with all the videos plus "making of" vignettes for each video.  Full tracklisting inside...

Tracklist: Arcadia, So Red the Rose

CD 1:
1. “Election Day”
2. “Keep Me In The Dark”
3. “Goodbye Is Forever”
4. “The Flame”
5. “Missing”
6. “Rose Arcana”
7. “The Promise”
8. “El Diablo”
9. “Lady Ice”
10. “Say The Word [Theme from 'Playing For Keeps']” – 7″ Edit
11. “She Moody And Grey, She’s Mean And Restless”
12. “Election Day” – Single Version
13. “Goodbye Is Forever” – Single Remix
14. “The Promise” – 7″ Mix
15. “The Flame” – 7″ Remix
16. “Say The Word” [Theme from 'Playing For Keeps'] – Soundtrack Version

CD 2:
1. “Election Day” – Consensus Mix
2. “Goodbye Is Forever” – 12″ Extended Vocal Mix
3. “The Promise” – Extended Version
4. “Rose Arcana” – Extended
5. “The Flame” – Extended Remix
6. “Say The Word” [Theme from 'Playing For Keeps'] – Extended Vocal Remix
7. “Election Day” – Cryptic Cut
8. “The Promise” – 12″ Mix
9. “Goodbye Is Forever” – Dub Mix
10. “Say The Word” [Theme from 'Playing For Keeps'] – Extended Instrumental Remix
11. “Election Day” – Early Rough Mix
12. “Flame Game” – Yo Homeboy Mix

1. Filming “Election Day” – Paris, France. September 1985.
2. “Election Day” – Directed by Roger Christian, Produced by Chrissie Smith
3. Filming “The Promise” – Cote D’Azur, France. December 1985.
4. “The Promise” – Directed by Marcelo Anciano, Produced by Ruth Orme
5. Filming “Goodbye Is Forever” – London, England. January 1986
6. “Goodbye Is Forever” – Directed by Marcelo Anciano, Produced by Ruth Orme
7. Filming “The Flame” – London Docklands. April 1986.
8. “The Flame” – Directed by Russell Mulcahy, Produced by Chrissie Smith
9. Filming “Missing” – London, England. December 1986.
10. “Missing” – Directed by Dean Chamberlain