Elephant 6 Is Not Dead.

By liz

However, in an online discussion board, Derek of Of Montreal made the following statement, "nothing's really changed actually. just re- cast and reformed. we're all still here churning it out, and we all still help each other. so..." Apparently the E6 stamp will no longer be printed on new material, but friends they were and friends they all still are. There will be a final E6 compilation due out sometime this fall.

After a news story or two about the end of Elephant 6 Recordings surfaced this week, the unofficial website has made a simple and pronounced statement, "Elephant 6 is not dead.". Enough said?

No, not really. Hilarie Sidney of Apples In Stereo did make a statement to Toronto's Eye Weekly that the Elephant 6 Collective has been laid to rest. "I think that's all over now. Everybody's still friends, but it got really confusing. Robert and I were sick of dealing with the record-label end of it and, honestly, we were just ready to move on, and I think everybody else was too."