Fans Only?

By liz

'Fans Only' is the name of the BELLE & SEBASTIAN DVD that has received glowing reviews in the UK... and it's coming to America on January 20th. Shhh... we've got another secret though. You can pre-order it from Matador and get $ 1 off.

Well great you've told me when I can get it... but what is it?

Yeah sorry... got a little ahead of myself. This DVD is the ULTIMATE reference for B&S fans. It contains EVERY video, live performanaces, interview, tv appearances, a documentary, out-takes, etc etc. Music fans in the UK have been calling this the most complete music DVD ever released. There are over 75 songs on the DVD including covers of Serge Gainsbourg and The Who. More information and a tracklisting is available on the B&S site.