Gorillaz at SXSW?

By shane

Alright, you can throw this one into the Unconfirmed Rumour Dept.:

What IS known is that Virgin is hosting a a world premiere GORILLAZ Listening Party at SXSW. This will quite literally be the FIRST time that the new Gorillaz material will be aired to the public. The listening party will be on Thursday, March 17, 2005, from 3pm-5pm at Red Fez at 209 B W. 5th St. in Austin.

What ISN'T known is that it's been all but confirmed to us by an inside source that attending the party will be Damon Albarn, Dangermouse, and MF Doom - in person. Shh. You didn't hear that from us.

You might have to prove yourselves industry-worthy to get inside the door... they're taking RSVP's at THIS WEBSITE. So if you're gonna be in the vicinity, you might wanna check it out.