Happy Mondays

By shane

A bit of a cheery update on the future of the HAPPY MONDAYS. As we reported yesterday, the band's set at last weekend's Glastonbury Festival was a bit tumultuous, and ended with frontman Shaun Ryder storming off-stage not once, but twice. Many news reports came out yesterday claiming that the recently reformed band was about to split due to internal strife. Well, Excellent Online can officially reveal that this is NOT the case. Our good friends at the BBC interviewed Ryder after the show, and he cleared up a few things: (1) The real reason for his onstage antics at Glastonbury was the failure of the auto-cue machine he uses to read his lyrics. (2) The Mondays are NOT splitting -- and in fact are soon entering the studio to begin work on their first album since the disastrous "Yes, Please." Ryder had earlier claimed that the band were bickering and would not be releasing any more new material. Now it seems that the cause of the problem was Ryder's bassist brother Paul, who left the band a week before Glasto (an unknown replacement was on-stage with the band at the fest.) With another Bad-Blood-Brother scenario put to rest, the band intend to carry on. Cheers.