HELP WANTED: We Need Columnists!

By shane

Do you consider yourself an opinionated twat? Are you up for mass notoriety or perhaps throngs of indie blokes/babes hanging on your every word?

We are currently in the market for new monthly columnists for Excellent Online!

What's expected: One column per month, (yes, I know, pot calling the kettle black here, I realize) on any music or indie lifestyle-related topic you see fit. We have NO length requirements whatsoever. All we ask is that if you come on-board, PLEASE be prepared to follow through on your one-column-per-month commitment.

What we can offer: Excellent Online is, as always, a non-commercial website, run by the fans and for the fans. In other words, we have no budget to pay anyone for their writing. BUT... we ARE a great addition to any CV, as well as an opportunity to get your name (and opinions) out to the world. Past Excellent Online columnists have used their stay here as a launching pad to freelance writing careers, and we pride ourselves in the non-financial support we lend to all of our writers.

HOW DO I APPLY? Send a current CV plus at least two writing samples to: If we dig what we see, we'll be in touch.

The last time we made an offer like this, we were deluged by applicants, so PLEASE don't get offended if we don't select you at this time - we appreciate all of the volunteer work that all of our members and regulars put toward this site, and regardless of our final decision, your extra effort toward our cause will NOT go unnoticed - and if we don't use you for a columnist, we might very well tap you for future artist interviews or reviews.