New Breeders - "Bang On"

By theajaysharma

You'll have to wait for us to evaluate it prematurely, but for now let's say Mountain Battles, the Breeders' fourth album and first since 2002, is totally worth the wait. And how. We all got a taste with "We're Gonna Rise" a ways back, but it didn't stay up at MySpace forever. No worries. Take a listen now to "Bang On," Mountain's second track -- it comes after the lift-off of opener "Overglazed," shifting that tune's upward arc, rattling out a noodling, clapped, percussive romper room/jump rope chant: "I love no one / and no one loves me / I missing, I'm missing," etc. Albini produced, but it's stripped so bare, you might have a hard time believing it. But then listen a bit more closely to the depth of what's been captured. And then think of the Breeders back catalog. And now listen. - Source