New Doves - "Push Me On (Playgroup Megamix)" (Stereogum Premiere)

By theajaysharma

After prepping with a Progress Report and then tracking "Jetstream" and Kingdom Of Rust's emotional title track, we felt pretty secure in our knowledge of Doves' fourth album, though in no way did we expect an icy, 12-minute, techno-infused remix of a b-side. But here goes: British electroclash act Playgroup, aka Trevor Jackson, has extended non-album track "Push Me On" and taken it onto a very cold dance floor. More surprising than the remix itself? That it basically works. Even if you spit out your afternoon coffee when you read the word "electroclash."Continue reading New Doves - "Push Me On (Playgroup Megamix)" (Stereogum Premiere)... - Source