Notwist - Live

By erin

The Notwist, Feb 12, 2004, Commodore Ballroom

In Vancouver, we generally get two types of performances from touring bands based on their marijuana tolerance. Amazing, super long and crazy sets or stunned, scared and confused sets. Some touring musicians obviously do not heed the warnings given as the joint is passed, "Dude, go easy, this is BC Hydro."

Tonight, like Richard Ashcroft and Badly Drawn Boy before them, The Notwist heeded the warnings or have incredible fortitude, because it was a lovely set.
Much of the performance covered 'Neon Golden' which is fine by me, because I'm ashamedly not familiar with their back catalog.

Bands that delve this much into interesting instrumentation and electronic effects are the ones I am wary of live - sometimes this complicated studio set-up doesn't translate on stage.

It's obvious The Notwist have paid their dues traveling, because it was a great mix of drum machine and drummer, keyboard and guitar. The title track of 'Neon Golden' sported a cool driving beat from the drum machine missing in the recorded version and a nice breakdown. It's my least favourite song on the album, so it was a treat to enjoy it live.

There were two songs performed with first two members from Themselves, and the final encore was the entirety of Themselves and The Notwist together, for the very first time they told us. I missed out on hearing Themselves opening, so I don't have much to say in that respect. The first song made wish I had heard it, but the finale was a bit too much of a Fugazi wanking feedback solo for me.

Highlights were the incredible execution of 'One With The Freaks' and 'One Step Inside Doesn't Mean You Understand'.