Oasis MP3's Are "Poor Quality"

By theajaysharma

Leslie posted a message to the list about Ignition Mangement and their statement regarding the Oasis MP3's that are currently circulating around the Internet. They claim that the files are "poor quality" and shouldn't be used to by journalists to review the album. Click on 'Read More' to see the full statement. A statement from Ignition Management 19 April, 2002

"The MP3s of Oasis tracks in circulation on the net appear to be illicit recordings (probably made with a hidden Walkman or similar device) of early mixes of the tracks for the band's new album, which were made some time ago.

"The recordings are of very poor quality and are not of the final album mixes. We hope anyone who has downloaded the tracks enjoys them but does not take them as any indication of the finished album which has come a long way since these recordings were made. In particular we would ask that music journalists do not use these tracks as the basis for album reviews as they are a very poor substitute for the finished record."