Orbital release DVD Album

By theajaysharma

Orbital will release their latest album, The Altogether on a DVD and each track will have their own unique visuals. According to NME, "The DVD, which is recorded in surround sound, will have a series of menus, which allow users to, amongst other things, uncover hidden or alternate versions of tracks."

The DVD will be release on August 27th, the tracklisting is behind the "Read More" link. Tension - Director: Giles Thacker
Funny Break (One is Enough) - Director: Luke Losey
Oi! - Director: Paul Donnellon
Pay Per View - Director: Grant Fulton
Tootled - Director: Giles Thacker
Last Thing - Director: Chris Grottick
Doctor? - Director: Phil Crowe
Shadows - Director: Martin Goodwin & Luke Losey
Waving Not Drowning - Director: Jes Benstock
Illuminate - Director: Sean Ash