PopKIDS vs. Dean & Britta/The Salteens

By liz

It is with great joy we introduce a new column here at Excellent.... PopKIDS! We are now bringing you the musical exploits of NYC grade school teacher, Sarah Allen. Sarah often shares music with the kids in her classes and records their opinions. These kids are hysterical and sometimes spot on (I will forever hold a soft spot in my heart for whomever said that Stereolab 'sounds like tiger music').

Britta Phillips & Dean Wareham - "Night Nurse"
Sassy and smart fifth graders talk about race, love and marriage.


Alvin: Right away you can tell: it's white people.
Vaughn: Night nurse? Like at a hospital?
Ms Allen: I'm really not sure. I took cold medicine called night nurse a few times. But it could be about anything...you have to decide on your own.
Arda: Music is about what you think, what's in your heart.
Sayed: Yeah.
Josia: No, cause you know if it's a man and a woman, you know they're in love.
Sayed: How do you even know? Maybe they hate each other.
Piedad: If you love someone, ok, and you break up with them, then, you are never supposed to hate each other. (thinks) Because it's like, "Things didn't work out with us, but we are still friends. I don't have no problem with you."
Sayed: Nah, more like, "You gotta get out of here, cause every other girl is better looking than you. So go away, BAY-BEEEEEE!"
Josia: (slaps him) Oh my God, Sayed! That's why you never had a girlfriend. Cause you're stupid!
Piedad: Lila had three boyfriends already.
Alvin: White people are always saying, "ooooh, I love you so much, are we going to a movie?, you are so beautiful as a flower..."
Sayed: "So beautiful as a flower?!" (slaps own forehead) man, you sound like a fool.
Josia: You don't love people because of what color they are. Love just happens to you, ok. You could be walking down the street and then all of a sudden you could see an old person who is not your same color and you fall in love and (claps hands) that's it. You're in love. You can't control it, even if you don't know them.
Alvin: Aw, YOU go on and marry some old Papi. That's nasty.
Josia: My mom wants me to marry someone from Puerto Rico, but I'm not getting married. I'm going to be a scientist. If I have a husband, he can make his OWN food, cause I won't have no time.
Arda: If I have a husband, when I get older, I'm making him pay for all the movies we go to.
Sayed: No one is going to marry you girls anyway. You're too short and you talk too much.

The Salteens - "You stood out from the crowd"
Kindergartners consider what really matters in life.


Ms Allen: Do you like the song?
Ana: This is my bracelet that my mom gave me. You can't have it.
Ms Allen: It's very nice. What do you think of this music?
Ana: I heard this song in my class. But I wore my dress and I wore my jacket.
Ms Allen: Felipe, do you like it?
Felipe: Oooooh! Oooooooh!
Alejandro: He's pretending to be monkeys. And monkeys can't talk!
Ms Allen: Ok. Monkey, can you tell me in monkey language if you like it?
Felipe: Ooooh! Oooooh! (high, squeaky voice) I don't like it! I like to climb a tree!
Fiona: This is my song of Goldilocks and the three bears. Don't eat the baby bear's porridge! That is rude!
Alejandro: I like to play blocks and I like to be happy.
Ms Allen: What makes you happy?
Alejandro: Ummm, food. And crackers.